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Wissen is a collective intelligence of pragmatic human resource solutions that redefines employee-employer relationship and drives the new generation of HR professionals to become true HR experts. It is a complete educational solution for students and professionals who maintain the dream to pursue a Human Resource career. The current world of globalization demands varied intelligence and ability levels to deal with employees and job seekers with this most challenging job. we do train our students to meet these demands effectively and efficiently. What makes us unique is our comprehensive HR education packages with a practical orientation. As an HR training institute, our vision is to build a highly efficient generation of HR professionals having the best practices with a passionate human touch.

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HR Training with placement in Kochi – Kerala

To be able to make the best use of an evolved workforce like the one in Kerala, the HR teams of organizations must be adept at understanding people, promoting and implementing change, introducing people welfare initiatives that are best suited for the industry, apply the latest HR practices to acquire, retain and manage talent.

There is therefore an acute need for HR courses that can address the practical aspects of modern day HR. There are several HR courses for professionals to choose from; however many of them are very academic and only fulfill the purpose of obtaining some kind of certification. However, a good HR course should be able to prepare the learner for the direct application of learning. By this definition, one of the best HR courses in India is the CGHR and CPHR certification programs. The CHR Foundation Course helps new entrants set foot and establish a base in HR, while the CPHR and CGHR are Advance programs.

The CPHR and CGHR HR courses in India are conducted by professionals who have worked and are engaged in several new-age HR projects in multinational corporations across the world. Therefore CPHR and CGHR courses steer clear of conceptual sessions that reek of academia. These HR courses are also available online through a live and interactive platform.

Improve Your Human Resources Today With One Of The Best HR Institutes In Calicut, and Kochi.

Know the right strategy for recruitment and human resources activities. Feel free to call us at +91 7736085400 | +91 7736085401 to know more about our training programs and workshops. You can also get in touch with us via our online contact form from or through our email Our dedicated staff would be very happy to answer your questions and inquiries.

Best HR Training Institute in Kochi

Wissen HR Academy, one of the best leading HR Training Academy in India and is currently offering HR Training Courses in Cochin. Our HR training in Kochi is a comprehensive HR course  which covers all aspects of the human resources function like Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Payroll, Leave & Attendance Management, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Statutory & Labour Laws, etc. CGHR (certified generalist in Human Resource) is the best HR Certification that every aspirant or HR professionals should have.  We also train HR softwares such as greytHR, Perk payroll e.t.c. We provide HR jobs for freshers after completion of HR Certification. Grab your HR jobs in MNC’S with our international HR Certification.

Best HR Training in Kochi –  HR Training Institute in Kochi

Get Certified from India’s Best HR Training Institute

Whether you’re just getting started in Human Resources or are looking to take the next step in your career, CPHR, and CGHR qualification is the perfect way to gain the Human Resource skills you need.

With our flexible, online courses you can find the right course to upskill your HR practice and stay motivated remotely.

You can be confident you’re getting the best HR training possible in our Wissen Academy

Learn And Grow.

Learn from the best HR training institute in India, Learning is about more than the qualification you get. It develops skills that make a lasting impact, boosting confidence and career prospects. We’re equipped to help you achieve your qualification.

Why Wissen?

Support every set of the way – We believe who you learn with makes all the difference; that’s why we hand-pick our tutors. Our tutors are available via email or phone, whenever you need them, so you’re never short of support.

Inspiring content – We develop engaging content with HR experts so that you learn all the latest in HR.

Study anytime, anywhere – Our online platform is built around you. It’s designed to be mobile-friendly with bite-sized content so you can learn from home.

Affordable, all-inclusive prices – Payment packages to suit your budget, with no hidden surprises.

Wissen is an HR training Institute and we provide an HR training and certification program. HR Training in Kochi is conducted by industry experts. Our training is a proven track record to coach Human Resources at all levels. Wissen always invites people who want to become and build their career in HR. We are the best HR training institute in Kochi.

Should I get an HR Certification?

To get started in your HR career, an undergraduate or master’s degree in human resources is usually all the credentials you’ll need. And, since HR certifications are typically geared towards HR generalists, professionals who work into specialized HR positions may never benefit from seeking certification.

Becoming certified doesn’t necessarily make you a better HR professional or leader, but it does provide you with additional knowledge, resources, and skills relevant to your specific role. It also signals to your leaders that you’re taking the initiative to supplement your education. Perhaps that’s why HR professionals with certifications receive more promotions and achieve career success more quickly than their non-certified peers.

Your long-term career goals may help you decide whether or not to seek certification. Many middles- to upper-level HR job listings mention certification as a desired trait. They are rarely a strict requirement, but just as with an advanced degree, they provide a competitive advantage and distinguish candidates as an expert in their field. And, if you’re trying to move your way up the ladder of your current organization, being certified increases your chances of promotion by 29 percent.

Being HR certified may also allow you to negotiate a higher salary – a substantially higher salary. In 2008, HR professionals who had obtained a certification were paid, on average, 17% higher than those without; in 2018, Payscale reported that that figure was an incredible 31.6%. In many cases, the salary increase potential alone is well worth the time and effort involved in earning an HR certification.

How do I get certified in HR?

The Wissen International HR Academy offers two competency-based certifications. Professionals in their early- and mid-career pursue the Certified Professional In Human Resource (CPHR), while senior-level practitioners typically earn the Certified Generalist in Human Resource (CGHR). Other professional associations offer certifications in areas such as compensation and benefits management, talent development, and learning and performance.

HR certification Exam

Obtaining your HR certification requires passing a complicated exam. Registering for and preparing for the exam is a multi-step process.

First, you must determine which exam you’d like to take and apply. There is usually an option to purchase study materials. Once you submit your application and payment, you will be able to schedule your exam and begin preparations. Once you successfully pass the exam, you are certified!

How Important Is HR Certification?

When reviewing requirements for human resource management jobs it soon becomes evident that HR certification is quickly moving from being preferred to being required. This is a telltale sign that organizations, whether in the for-profit or non-profit sector, are viewing professional certification with an increasing level of respect

Certifications give a tremendous boost to an otherwise stagnant career or knowledge base. Like everyone else, this applies to the HR professionals as well. Competition for HR professionals has increased and organizations are now seeking validation of employee skills before hiring them.  Certifications are the best way to prove commitment and add credibility to the CV. They are also one of the most suitable ways to ask for that long pending pay hike. And it is not only us who say so. According to payscale “Employees with the CGHR certification make 93 percent more money". Certifications also improve the employee’s chance of getting promoted. 42% of employees in the VP position are certified, employees.

A growing number of HR professionals themselves realize the importance of certifications. A study presented that 98% of responders say certifications add value to their profile and 56% of respondents say that best HR certifications are extremely important for professional growth. In addition to bringing credibility and value, HR certifications also help in

  • Gaining a global perspective.
  • Keeping jobs.
  • Pursuing interests.
  • Gaining different skills.
  • Developing relationships in the industry.

HR certifications become all the more necessary in the global hiring scenario when trust and recognition become a critical issue. Institutions and organizations have recognized this need and are facilitating better and flexible study options for professionals. Many more employers are coming forward to sponsor their employee’s education.

Human Resources (HR) professionals are the backbone of any business. Their main aim is to protect the company’s interests and manage employee productivity. In order to launch your career in Human Resources and attract employers, you need to build certain skills. These skills are vital to understanding all the responsibilities of the field. Getting credentialed has become a need for HR practitioners to manage the responsibilities that this profession holds.

What is HR Certification?

HR professional certification sets individuals apart by providing them with a fully authorized credential, proving their expertise, connecting them to an elite network, and earning identification from their organization and peers. HR professionals leave a positive impact on the recruiters with the help of certifications.

If you are going for the certifications, you ought to know their importance and benefits. Let’s quickly take you through all the goods!

Career Growth

HR professional certifications increase the credibility and judgment skills of the employees which helps them make better decisions in the business. It helps you work efficiently in interviewing, recruiting, and retention. It holds the power to polish your skills in payroll, benefits management, union-management, hiring, and conflict resolution. This will set you apart and you will get high-paying jobs. The chances of getting promotions will increase and this will keep your self-motivated.

Increased job scenario

HR professionals play an essential role in hiring individuals for the company. As a result, a company wants to employ HR who is skilled and equipped with the competency to assure productivity in the business. Don’t forget that HR credentials are valued by the recruiters.

Updated knowledge

Gone are the days when HR roles were confined to administrative duties. HR’s responsibilities now include shaping key policies, high-level planning, consulting with executives to trace strategic direction, etc. Certification makes you handle these tasks wisely. Some certifications concentrate on workforce planning and development, risk management, business management and strategy, human resource development, employee and labor relations, and compensation and benefits. HR Certification determines your level of ability in the field.

Seal of Trust

The benefits of having the credentials on your resume are many. Companies look for employees who are certified as an HR professional. The certifications give them recognition and help them manage the workforce, increase productivity, handle risk management, and evade accountability. Certifications are a deal of trust. The employer gets satisfied after knowing that the individual possesses a degree, passed the certification exam, and is experienced in human resource management. Credentialing helps to build leadership and confidence in an individual and empower them to deliver real value to the business.

Perform Better On The Job

Employees with certifications are able to perform better in the business than the one’s who do not hold the degree. They are trained to perform better and promise to ensure the smooth functioning of the business.